PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

When you run PeopleSoft on OCI, you get the same PeopleSoft functionality and experience while cutting operational costs and increasing automation, speed, and agility.

You can create new PeopleSoft environments or use PeopleSoft Cloud Manager to lift and shift existing environments to OCI.

See how the State of Texas Comptroller has achieved results by running PeopleSoft on OCI.

Hundreds of PeopleSoft customers have moved to OCI

St. Paul Public Schools
75% reduction in infrastructure costs

Sydney Catholic Schools
20% projected performance gain

State of Texas Comptroller
50% projected cost savings running PeopleSoft on OCI

Southcoast Health
90% projected reduction in image upgrade time with PeopleSoft on OCI

How it works

Use your unique configuration of PeopleSoft applications, customizations, and data. Let Oracle handle the hardware and storage. Oracle Cloud offers a set of core infrastructure capabilities like elastic compute and storage to provide customers the ability to run any workload in the cloud.

Get to know PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

Use PeopleSoft Cloud Manager to deploy PeopleSoft environments on OCI for demo, testing, development, and production.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

Policy Manager

Use events and scheduling to take action in your PeopleSoft environments using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.

Policy Manager

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Let Oracle help manage PeopleSoft on the cloud

  • SLA-driven lifecycle management (refresh, backup, provisioning)
  • Reduced vulnerability and enhanced security
  • Lower total cost of ownership with an a la carte model
  • Choice of extended services, such as functional help desk, integration, and capacity management
  • Key transaction monitoring for faster issue resolution
  • Choice of cloud deployment models, with production on-premises or at Oracle

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