University of New South Wales

PeopleSoft Innovator

University of New South Wales used Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to provision PeopleSoft HCM instances in record time


University of New South Wales, in conjunction with their partner Presence of IT, is recognized for using the Oracle Cloud to provision PeopleSoft HCM instances in record time, to support their deployment of HR Position Management, Fluid Company Directory, and Guided Self Service, enabling the university to meet their demanding project timelines, provide multiple environments to their project teams as needed, while being agile and delivering multiple project work products in parallel, in a cost effective manner.

Customer comments

The organization is currently working through its 2025 strategy that includes the adoption of Cloud technologies more broadly. UNSW had a tactical requirement to start on Phase 2 work for PeopleSoft Position Management for the University. This included designing, configuring and testing Fluid Company Directory and Guided Self Service. However, in order to do this, UNSW needed a PeopleSoft instance that was on PeopleTools 8.55 and Fluid User Interface. The in-house environments were on PeopleTools 8.53, therefore UNSW provisioned a PeopleSoft HCM instance in the Oracle Public Cloud within about 2 business days so that UNSW can seamlessly continue with our Project Work without any delays. Once the in-house environments have been upgraded to PeopleTools 8.55, UNSW will migrate the Fluid Company Directory and Guided Self Service project work to the in-house Test instance and complete a testing cycle for deployment.

UNSW is looking forward to going live in Q2 2018

Using Oracle Cloud environments enabled UNSW to meet their timelines. There are multiple options available to provision environments (at the minimum pre-requisite levels) if they are not available on-premise. It has enabled UNSW to be Agile and have multiple project work products delivered in parallel in a cost effective manner.