What Can You Do with Oracle BI Mobile?

Oracle BI Mobile allows you to view and interact with Oracle BI content on applicable mobile devices.

Using Oracle BI Mobile, you can access and analyze all BI content such as analyses and dashboards, BI Publisher content, BI Mobile apps, scorecard content, and content delivered by agents. Viewing content on a mobile device requires a presentation that differs from how you view the same content on a desktop monitor. Oracle BI Mobile optimizes the presentation of your BI content for mobile viewing.

You can try out the application at any time by accessing the public demo server after installing Oracle BI Mobile. See Accessing the Oracle BI Mobile Demonstration Server . Use of the application beyond the demo requires that you have access to an instance of Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (Oracle BI EE) that is configured and running.

The following image displays a simple dashboard on an Android device:

The following image displays a simple dashboard on an iPad: