Accessing the Oracle BI Mobile Demonstration Server

The Oracle BI Mobile demo server provides a full set of sample content with which you can work.

If you would like to test the Oracle BI Mobile application without having to set up a connection to one of your organization's Oracle BI Presentation Services servers, you can use Oracle BI Mobile to connect to a publicly available demo server. As you navigate the application while connected to the demo server, you can gain an understanding of best practices for mobile dashboard design.

When you tap the Demo button in the initial Server Connections screen, you are taken directly to the demo server, with Oracle BI Mobile automatically managing the login credentials.

To access the demo server:

  1. From the Home screen on your device, tap the Oracle BI HD Application icon.
  2. In the Login screen, tap Demo.

    The Recent view is displayed, along with the Navigation bar.

  3. In the Branding bar, tap the Options button and then tap Show First Time Help to view an overlay with tips for how to navigate the Oracle BI Mobile application.
  4. (Optional) If you want to log out of the demo server, tap the Options button, then tap Logout.