8 Troubleshooting Oracle Identity and Access Management Deployment

This chapter describes how to troubleshoot common problems that you might encounter when using Oracle Identity and Access Management Deployment tools.

In addition to this chapter, review the Oracle Fusion Middleware Error Messages Reference for information about the error messages you may encounter.

This chapter contains the following sections:

8.1 Getting Started with Troubleshooting

This section describes how to use the log files and how to recover from deployment failures. It contains the following topics:

8.1.1 Using the Log Files

If you are performing deployment using the wizard, from any phase screen, click on the icon under the Log field to see the logs for the current phase. A new window opens showing the logs. The logs are searchable using the search box at the top of this new window. The log window does not refresh on its own, so click on the refresh button besides the search box at the top of this window to refresh the logs.

To check why a phase failed when the wizard is not running, check the corresponding logs files present under the logs directory:


LCM_STORE is the Lifecycle Management Store Location directory that you specified on the Installation and Configuration screen when you created the deployment profile. For more information, see Section 2.5, "About the Deployment Repository and LCM Tools Directory Structure".

8.1.2 Recovering From Oracle Identity and Access Management Deployment Failure

Oracle Identity and Access Management Deployment has a limited Cleanup and Recovery feature, which you can use if the automated deployment fails.

For more information about cleaning up an environment, see Appendix A, "Cleaning Up an Environment Before Rerunning IAM Deployment".

8.2 Using My Oracle Support for Additional Troubleshooting Information

You can use My Oracle Support (formerly MetaLink) to help resolve Oracle Fusion Middleware problems. My Oracle Support contains several useful troubleshooting resources, such as:

  • Knowledge base articles

  • Community forums and discussions

  • Patches and upgrades

  • Certification information


You can also use My Oracle Support to log a service request.

You can access My Oracle Support at https://support.oracle.com.