33.4 Updating IIS 7 Web Server Configuration on Windows 2008

You can manually set up Web server for the Webgate and decline automatic Web server updates during Webgate installation.

To display steps to configure IIS Web server on Windows 2008 for ISAPI Webgates:

  1. When installing Webgate, click No when asked if you want the automatic Web server update and:

    1. Read information on a new screen to assist in manually setting up your Web server for the Webgate.

    2. Click the following item in the table that appears perform the steps that are displayed.

    Table 33-1 IIS 7 Webgate Windows Server 2008

    Supported Server OS Microsoft IIS

    Windows Server 2008




  2. After performing steps to update the IIS 7 Web server on Windows 2008, return to the Webgate installation screen and click Next, as described in the chapter on Webgate installation.

  3. Proceed with "Completing Webgate Installation with IIS".