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What's New in This Guide?

Part I Introduction to Oracle Access Management

1 Introducing Oracle Access Management

2 Getting Started with Oracle Access Management

Part II Managing Common and System Configurations

3 Managing Common Services and Certificate Validation

4 Delegating Administration

5 Managing Data Sources

6 Managing Server Registration

Part III Logging, Auditing, Reporting and Monitoring Performance

7 Logging Component Event Messages

8 Auditing Administrative and Run-time Events

9 Logging WebGate Event Messages

10 Understanding Oracle Access Management Reports

11 Monitoring Oracle Access Management Performance and Access Manager Health

12 Monitoring Performance and Logs with Fusion Middleware Control

Part IV Managing Access Manager Settings and Agents

13 Configuring Access Manager Settings

14 Introduction to Agents and Registration

15 Registering and Managing OAM 11g Agents

16 Maintaining Access Manager Sessions

Part V Implementing Multi-Data Centers

17 Understanding Multi-Data Centers

18 Configuring Multi-Data Centers

19 Synchronizing Data In A Multi-Data Center

20 Setting Up the Multi-Data Center: A Sequence

Part VI Managing Access Manager SSO, Policies, and Testing

21 Understanding Single Sign-On with Access Manager

22 Managing Authentication and Shared Policy Components

23 Understanding Credential Collection and Login

24 Using Password Policy

25 Managing Policies to Protect Resources and Enable SSO

26 Validating Connectivity and Policies Using the Access Tester

27 Configuring Centralized Logout for Sessions Involving 11g WebGates

Part VII Registering and Using Agents with Access Manager

28 Registering and Managing Legacy OpenSSO Agents

29 Registering and Managing Legacy OSSO Agents

30 Registering and Managing 10g WebGates with Access Manager 11g

31 Configuring Apache, OHS, IHS for 10g WebGates

32 Configuring the ISA Server for 10g WebGates

33 Configuring the IIS Web Server for 10g WebGates

34 Configuring Lotus Domino Web Servers for 10g WebGates

Part VIII Managing the Adaptive Authentication Service and Oracle Mobile Authenticator

35 Introducing the Adaptive Authentication Service

36 Configuring the Oracle Mobile Authenticator

Part IX Managing Oracle Access Management Identity Federation

37 Introducing Identity Federation in Oracle Access Management

38 Managing Identity Federation Partners

39 Managing Settings for Identity Federation

40 Managing Federation Schemes and Policies

Part X Managing Oracle Access Management Security Token Service

41 Introducing the Oracle Access Management Security Token Service

42 Security Token Service Implementation Scenarios

43 Configuring Security Token Service Settings

44 Managing Security Token Service Certificates and Keys

45 Managing Templates, Endpoints, and Policies

46 Managing Token Service Partners and Partner Profiles

47 Troubleshooting Security Token Service

Part XI Managing Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social

48 Understanding Mobile and Social

49 Configuring Mobile and Social Services

50 Configuring Social Identity

51 Configuring Social Identity System Settings

Part XII Managing the Oracle Access Management OAuth Service

52 Understanding OAuth Services

53 Configuring OAuth Services

Part XIII Managing Oracle Access Management Oracle Access Portal

54 Configuring the Access Portal Service

Part XIV Using Identity Context

55 Using Identity Context

Part XV Integrating Access Manager with Other Products

56 Integrating RSA SecurID Authentication with Access Manager

57 Configuring Access Manager for Windows Native Authentication

58 Integrating JBoss with Access Manager

59 Integrating Microsoft SharePoint Server with Access Manager

60 Integrating Access Manager with Outlook Web Application

61 Integrating Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 with Access Manager

62 Integrating Access Manager with SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal

63 Integrating Oracle Access Manager with SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal Using OpenSSO Policy Agent 2.2


A Integrating Oracle ADF Applications with Access Manager SSO

B Internationalization and Multibyte Data Support for 10g WebGates

C Securing Communication

D Reviewing Bundled, Generated, and Migrated Artifacts

E Troubleshooting