63.3 Installing the OpenSSO Policy Agent 2.2 on SAP Enterprise Portal

You can install the agent on the SAP container.

  1. Extract the OpenSSO Policy agent and navigate to the bin folder.
  2. Open a command prompt and type the following command to install the agent on the SAP container.

    agentadmin.sh - -install

    The command will prompt you for values as needed. The following table summarizes the requested inputs.

    Table 63-1

    Request prompt Sample Input Description

    SAP <SID> Directory


    Path to the SAP directory

    Agent installed on WebAS domain



    Access Manager Services host


    OAM server fully-qualified domain name

    Access Manager Services Port


    Port where the OAM server is running

    Access Manager Services protocol



    Access Manager Services deployment URI


    OpenSSO proxy URL

    Agent host name


    SAP server fully-qualified domain name

    Application server instance port number


    Port where the SAP EP server is running

    Protocol for Application Server instance



    Deployment URI for the Agent Application


    URI of the WAR file that we deploy

    Encryption key



    Agent profile name


    Agent profile name given during registration

    Agent profile password file name



63.3.1 Post-Installation Steps

After installation, an agent instance is created on the SAP container.

Inside this directory is another instance of the AMAgent.properties file. (So there are two AMAgent.properties files: one generated during remote registration, and one generated just previously during the Agent installation.)

  1. Compare the two properties files and consolidate them so that you have one properties file that contains all of the information.

    Be sure that all of the settings in the AMAgent.properties file matches the Agent Profile entry in the oam-config.xml file on the OAM server.

  2. In oam-config.xml, add the following entry under the <Setting Name="NamingData" Type="htf:map"> element:
    <Setting Name="iplanet-am-platform-server-id" Type="xsd:string">serverprotocol://serverhost:serverport</Setting>


    Be sure to increment the version integer every time you update the oam-config.xml file:

    <Setting Name="Version" Type="xsd:integer">113</Setting>