Updates in January 2017 Documentation Refresh for 11g Release 2 (

This revision of Administrator's Guide for Oracle Access Management contains information about the product enhancements in the latest Bundle Patch of Oracle Access Management 11g Release 2 ( and bug fixes.


Ensure that you have applied the latest Bundle Patch for these enhancements to be functional.
  • When NTLM and Kerberos authentications do not work with a browser (such as a non-domain attached browser), the OAM Server displays an authorization error page. You can customize this error page to invoke WNA fallback to FORM-based authentication. For more information, see Configuring WNA Fallback to FORM-based Authentication Scheme.

  • When trust relationships are not established between forests, configure Kerberos authentication for multiple forests using KerberosPlugin instead of Kerberos authentication module. For more information, see Configuring WNA for Multi-Forest Environment with No Cross-Forest Trust.

  • Oracle Identity Federation supports RSA 1.5 as the key transport algorithm by default. The key transport algorithm can be changed from RSA 1.5 to RSA-OAEP based on the requirement, by adding a new property, defaultkeytransportmethod in oam-config.xml using the WLST commands. For more information, see Using WLST for Key Transport Algorithm.