D.3 Migrated Artifacts: OpenSSO

This section shows the artifacts that are migrated when you use Oracle-provided tools to analyze and migrate an OpenSSO environment to Oracle Access Management Console.

D.3.1 Migrated User Identity Store: OpenSSOAgent1

Figure D-16 Migrated User Identity Store

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Description of "Figure D-16 Migrated User Identity Store"

D.3.2 Migrated Agents: OpenSSOAgent1

Figure D-17 Migrated Agent: OpenSSOAgent1

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Description of "Figure D-17 Migrated Agent: OpenSSOAgent1"

D.3.3 Migrated Authentication Module: OpenSSOAgent1

Figure D-18 Migrated Authentication Module: OpenSSOAgent1

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Description of "Figure D-18 Migrated Authentication Module: OpenSSOAgent1"

D.3.4 Migrated Host Identifier: OpenSSOAgent1

Figure D-19 Migrated Host Identifier: OpenSSOAgent1

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D.3.5 Migrated Application Domain: OpenSSOAgent1

Figure D-20 Migrated Application Domain: OpenSSOAgent1

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Description of "Figure D-20 Migrated Application Domain: OpenSSOAgent1"

D.3.6 Migrated Resources: OpenSSOAgent1

Figure D-21 Migrated Resources: OpenSSOAgent1

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Description of "Figure D-21 Migrated Resources: OpenSSOAgent1"

D.3.7 Migrated Authentication Policy: OpenSSOAgent1

Figure D-22 Migrated Authentication Policy: OpenSSOAgent1

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D.3.8 Migrated Authorization Policy: OpenSSOAgent1

Figure D-23 Migrated Authorization Policy2 Condition: OpenSSOAgent1

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Figure D-24 Migrated Authorization Policy2: IP Condition Details

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Description of "Figure D-24 Migrated Authorization Policy2: IP Condition Details"