32.2 About Access Manager and the ISA Server

The ISA Server is Microsoft's "integrated edge security gateway". It is designed to protect IT environments from Internet-based threats and to give users secure remote access to applications and data.

Webgate is the Access Manager Web server plug-in access client that intercepts HTTP requests for Web resources and forwards them to the Access Server for authentication and authorization. ISAPI is the Internet Web server extension that Access Manager uses to identify Webgates that communicate with the ISA Server (and the IIS Web Server).

This Webgate has been tested to operate with the ISA Server in scenarios that use both Access Manager Basic and Form (form-based) authentication schemes. You develop Basic and Form authentication schemes and policy domains using Access Manager as usual.


Access Manager Client Certificate authentication is not supported for the ISA Server.

See Also:

Administrator's Guide for Oracle Access Management for more information about authentication management and policy domains.

Using ISA Server with Access Manager is similar to using the IIS Web server. However, the ISA Server provides firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) functions.

ISA Server can be configured for third-party security filters. To enforce Access Manager security during authentication and authorization when you use ISA Server, both webgate.dll and postgate.dll must be registered as ISA Server Web filters. Every request to the Access Server that passes through ISA Server requires webgate.dll and postgate.dll.

The following overview outlines the tasks that you must perform and the topics where you can find the steps to set up the ISAPI Webgate with the ISA Server.

Task overview: Installing and configuring the ISAPI Webgate on Server

  1. Confirming "Compatibility and Platform Support"

  2. "Installing and Configuring Webgate for the ISA Server".

  3. "Configuring the ISA Server for the ISAPI Webgate".

  4. Perform the following tasks:

    1. "Ordering the ISAPI Filters"

    2. "Removing Access Manager Filters Before Webgate Uninstall on ISA Server"