22.2 Configuring Shared Policy Components

You can configure shared policy components required for use in Access Manager authentication policies that protect resources and enable single sign-on.

  1. Confirm that the desired resource type is defined, as described in this chapter:
  2. Confirm that a host identifier definition named for the agent was created during agent registration, (or create one yourself), as described in:
  3. Gain comprehension about credential collection with Access Manager:
  4. Learn about and use the authentication plug-ins that enable multi-step authentication:
  5. Create and manage authentication schemes that you can add to authentication policies, as described in:
  6. Set up your own global password policy for either the default embedded or optional detached credential collector (unless specified, tasks apply to both ECC and DCC, with minor changes noted in the discussion):
  7. Proceed to Managing Policies to Protect Resources and Enable SSO to set up authentication policies.