12.8 Displaying MBeans in Fusion Middleware Control

A Java object is a unit of code that runs the computer. Each object is an instance of a particular class or subclass that relies on the class's methods or procedures or data variables. Within the Java programming language, a Java object that represents a manageable resource (application, service, component, or device) is known as an MBean (managed bean).

Fusion Middleware Control enables you to:

  • View information on key MBean Attributes and Operations

  • Invoke methods

This section provides the following topics:

12.8.1 Fusion Middleware Control System MBean Browser

The Fusion Middleware Control System Mbean Browser can be used to view System MBean Browser for Nodes and Targets.

Table 12-11details about the System MBean Browser..

Table 12-11 System MBean Browser

Node Target System Mbean Browser

Application Deployment

Internal Applications


oamsso_logout( AdminServer

oamsso_logout( oam_server




WebLogic Server domain

oam_bd (Cluster name)






Identity and Access

OAM (Cluster)

oam_server (Server)




Security Token Service MBeans are also available as described here.

Table 12-12 describes the MBeans that Access Manager and Security Token Service deploy on the AdminServer on the domain runtime server (OAM Server).

Table 12-12 MBeans that Access Manager and Security Token Service Deploy

MBeans For Description

Configuration Service


Partner and Trust Service


STS MBeans


Certificate Validation Module

These are used for CRL management.


Figure 12-20 Shows the System MBean Browser and the related Attributes tab displaying information for the Security Token Service CertRevocationListConfig: oracle.sts:Location=oam_server1,type=CertRevocationListConfig.

Figure 12-20 System MBean Browser and Attributes Tab

Description of Figure 12-20 follows
Description of "Figure 12-20 System MBean Browser and Attributes Tab"

Table 12-13 describes the System MBean Browser and associated tab in greater details.

Table 12-13 System MBean Browser

System MBean Browser Description

System MBean Browser

Expand items in this section to display Mbeans for the selected target. Under Application Defined Beans, find oracle.oam and oracle.sts.

MBean Information

Details for Attributes and Operations related to the MBean for the selected target are displayed on the right.


This tab describes MBean attributes for the selected target.


This tab describes MBean operations for the selected target.


This tab lists any notifications resulting from the invocation of an MBean.


The following controls are available from these pages:

  • Name Link: Clicking a name on either tab displays a full description of related MBeans.

  • Apply Button: Submits and applies the selected MBean attribute value.

  • Revert Button: Restores previous MBean attribute values following a change (and before clicking Apply.

  • Return Button: Returns you to the MBean Information page.

  • Invoke Button: Invokes the selected MBean and value

12.8.2 Managing Mbeans

Fusion Middleware Control Administrators can view, edit or invoke MBeans for Access Manager and Security Token Service. Additionally, you can apply values (or revert the change) and invoke MBeans.

  1. Log in as described in "Logging In To Fusion Middleware Control".

  2. Expand the desired node and select a target. For example:

    • Identity and Access
    • oam_server
  3. From the Access Manager context menu, select System MBean Browser.

  4. System MBean Browser: Expand classes and select an MBean target to display related attributes and operations. For example: oracle.sts or oracle.oam.

  5. Manage MBean Attributes:

    1. Click the Attributes tab.

    2. Review the name and description of MBean attributes for the selected target.

    3. Edit values for one or more attributes and click Apply to submit changes (or click Revert to cancel changes).

      Alternatively: Click a Name in the Attributes table to display a full description and the value; change the value and click Apply (or click Revert to cancel the change).

  6. Manage MBean Operations:

    1. Click the Operations tab.

    2. Review the name, description, number of parameters, and return type for each MBean operation for the selected target.

    3. Click a name in the Operations table to display the parameters and related name, description, type, and value.

    4. Edit values for the operation and click Apply to submit changes (or click Revert to cancel changes).

    5. Click Invoke to invoke the MBean and review the message that appears.