33.11 Removing Web Server Configuration Changes Before Uninstall

The information in this section applies equally to 32-bit and 64-bit Webgates. Web server configuration changes that occur during installation must be manually reverted after uninstalling the Webgate.

For example, the ISAPI transfilter will be installed for IIS Webgate. However, if you uninstall Webgate this is not removed automatically. Also, the created Web service extension and the link to the identity directory will not be removed. This type of information must be removed manually. These are examples of information to remove, not a complete list.

Further, you must remove any changes that you manually made to your Web server configuration file for the Webgate should be removed. For more information about what is added for each component, look elsewhere in this chapter.

To fully remove a Webgate and related filters from IIS, you must do more than simply remove the filters from the list in IIS. IIS retains all of its settings in a metabase file. On Windows 2000 and later, this is an XML file that can be modified by hand. There is also a tool available, MetaEdit, to edit the metabase. MetaEdit looks like Regedit and has a consistency checker and a browser/editor. To fully remove a Webgate from IIS, use MetaEdit to edit the metabase.