59.1 What is Supported in This Release?

Support for integration between Access Manager and SharePoint enables the following functionality:

  • When a user accesses SharePoint before SSO login with Access Manager, the user is prompted for Access Manager SSO login credentials.

  • When a user with a valid Access Manager login session wants to access SharePoint documents, he must be established with SharePoint (logged in and authenticated with SharePoint). Once the Access Manager session is established, it is also respected by SharePoint for integration with Access Manager and SharePoint using LDAP Membership Provider, OAM WNA, and impersonation. Based on authentication status, SharePoint either allows or denies access to documents stored in SharePoint.

  • When a user opens an Office document from SharePoint using a browser, the SSO session should persist into the MS Office program so that access to the document through the MS Office program is maintained. See "Configuring Single Sign-On for Office Documents".

  • Full feature parity with SharePoint integration with Access Manager 10g is provided to ease upgrades.


11g WebGates are not supported on the IIS Web server. Only the WebGate 10g WebGate for IIS can be used for this integration.