25.18 Application and Application-types

Application contains launch-url, icons, description, and other meta-data, and supports SSO agent, federation service provider partner and form-fill applications.

An Application contains:

  • launch-url (that will be used by the end user of the application)

  • icons, description and other meta-data that is used to display it in the Access Portal (which is user facing)

The following Application types are supported:

  • SSO Agent Application (protected by a WebGate)

  • Federation Service Provider Partner Application (through Federation, launch a third-party partner application)

  • Form-Fill Application (Access Portal Application template based application)

The Application should have the configuration required to SSO enable it. However, for PS2, only Form-Fill application and Federation SP applications have their configuration in the Application. SSO applications have only the launch URL. Additional functionality will be added in subsequent releases.


Application registration will work only if ESSO is configured and enabled. In order to register an Application, an ESSO IDS Profile must be created because the Application's policy information is stored in the ESSO directory store.