34.2 Installing the Domino Web Server

Before you install the WebGate with a Domino Web server, you need a properly installed and set up Domino Enterprise Server R5.

The following information focuses on Solaris. However, with some modifications, these steps can be used as a guide for other UNIX systems.


You need to register if this is the first time you download from lotus.com.

To download the Domino Web server on UNIX:

  1. Download Lotus Domino from the following URL:


  2. Untar the downloaded file to your staging area. For example:

    gct@planetearth[/export/users2/gct/temp] 433 : ls C37UUNA.tar

    gct@planetearth[/export/users2/gct/temp] 434 : tar xf C37UUNA.tar

    gct@planetearth[/export/users2/gct/temp] 435 : ls C37UUNA.tar sol/

You need to install Domino as user "root". The installation script creates soft link, /opt/lotus, to link to your Lotus Domino installation directory.

To install the Domino Web server on UNIX:

  1. Run the install script for the Domino Web server. For example:
    gct@planetearth[/export/users2/gct/temp/sol] 441 : su root 
    root@planetearth[/export/users2/gct/temp/sol] 1 : ls 
    install* license.txt script.dat sets/ tools/ 
    root@planetearth[/export/users2/gct/temp/sol] 2 : 
    root@planetearth[/export/users2/gct/temp/sol] 2 : ./install
    Domino Server Installation 
    Welcome to the Domino Server Install Program.
    Type h for help on how to use this program. 
    Press TAB to begin the installation.
    Type h for help 
    Type e to exit installation 
    Press TAB to continue to the next screen. 

    You are asked to select the setup type.

  2. Select Setup type. For example:

    Select Setup type: [Domino Enterprise Server]

  3. Complete the installation with the following considerations in mind.

    For example:

    • The default program directory is set to /opt/lotus. You may over write it to another directory. For example, /export/home/WWW/lotus.

    • The default data directory is set to /local/notesdata1. You may also over write this to something else. For example, /export/home/WWW/lotus/data1.

    • Overwrite Domino UNIX user to own data directory. The default user is set to notes. You may change it to a valid UNIX user. For example, gct or root.

    • Overwrite "The UNIX user for this directory must be a member of this group". The default group is set to notes. You may change it to a valid UNIX group name.

      For example: oblix.


    Be sure to include the Domino data directory in the $PATH before you proceed from here