34.3 Setting Up the First Domino Web Server

After successfully installing, you must set up the first Domino server.

To set up the first Domino server:

  1. Run /opt/lotus/bin/http httpsetup.

    By default, Domino uses port 8081.

  2. Ensure that port 8081 is not already in use.
  3. Launch a browser and enter the URL that follows.

    For example:


  4. Follow instructions on the screen and keep the following in mind.
    • Check HTTP to get the Web server.

    • Ensure the designated Administrator has a first and last name.

    • Keep passwords simple, and record them in a safe location. For example, oracleoracle.

  5. Run all commands as the UNIX user that you've configured for this Domino Web server.


    Do not run as root.