51.1 Accessing the Social Identity Settings Interface

Use the Social Identity Settings page in the Oracle Access Management Console to configure system level settings.

You can perform many Social Identity configuration tasks from the command line using the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST). See the Oracle Fusion Middleware WebLogic Scripting Tool Command Reference.

To access the Social Identity settings interface:

  1. In the Oracle Access Management Console, click Configuration at the top of the window.
  2. Select Social Identity from the View menu in the Settings section.

51.1.1 Social Identity Settings Page

You can configure Social Identity settings if a proxy server is in place between the Social Identity server and an Identity Provider.

The form fields on the Social Identity Settings page are as follows:

  • Proxy URL - Choose the protocol to use to connect to the proxy server (HTTP or HTTPS), then type the proxy server host name and port number.

  • Proxy Authentication - Type the user name and password required to authenticate with the proxy server.

  • SAE Token Validity Period - Type the number of seconds that the system should wait before expiring the Secured Attribute Exchange token. SAE is the default scheme used to secure communication between the Social Identity server and any application integrating directly with Social Identity.