37.2 Deploying Identity Federation with Oracle Access Management

From a functional perspective, the components in an 11g Release 2 ( scenario using the Identity Federation service (when a user attempts to log in to a protected resource using a Web browser) include the Access Manager server, Oracle WebLogic server hosts, and data stores.

  • The Access Manager server contains all the components needed to provide access management services in the federated context, including:

    • a credential collector

    • a federation authentication plugin

    • the Identity Federation engine to generate and process assertions

    • a federation data cache

  • Oracle WebLogic Server hosts and provides key infrastructure services, including:

    • the authorization engine, which interacts with Oracle Entitlement Server

    • federation data including circle of trust details and other configuration

    • the Coherence map store

  • Data stores, including the identity store and Coherence database, maintain the identity data needed for authentication tasks. Identity Federation supports the Access Manager common user store and provides multiple identity store support. Federation data for persistent account linking can be stored in a database.


Calls are routine HTTP calls.