39.2 About Federation Settings

This topic introduces the federation settings that must be configured to enable the Identity Federation functionality available from the Oracle Access Management Console.

Figure 39-1 shows the Federations Settings page as it appears in the Oracle Access Management Console. This page is the same whether you choose Identity Federation Service Settings from the Welcome page, Configuration panel, or you display the Federation section of the System Configuration tab and choose Federation Settings.

Figure 39-1 Identity Federation Service Settings Page

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Description of "Figure 39-1 Identity Federation Service Settings Page"

Table 39-1 outlines the types of federation settings you can configure.

Table 39-1 Federation Settings in the Console

Elements Description


General federation settings include basic information about the provider and the keys used to send assertions.

See Also: Managing General Federation Settings


Proxy settings enable you to set up a proxy server for federation.

See Also: Managing Proxy Settings for Federation


Keystore settings enable you to create aliases (a short hand notation) for keys in the keystore.

See Also: Defining Keystore Settings for Federation