2.3 Oracle Access Management Console and the Policy Manager Console

The Oracle Access Management 11g Release 2 ( release allows for two console interfaces: Oracle Access Management Console, the full-featured graphical interface deployed on the WebLogic AdminServer and Policy Manager Console, the interface that can be deployed on one or more WebLogic Managed Servers.

  • Oracle Access Management Console: The AdminServer will not display the Mobile Security Manager (MSM) and Mobile Security Access Server (MSAS) tiles in the Launch Pads (which will be displayed in the new Access Manager Policy Manager Console). The Oracle Access Management Console can be accessed at:


    The Oracle Access Management Console interface has been redesigned for 11g Release 2 (

    See Understanding the Oracle Access Management Console.

  • Policy Manager Console: It does not contain the full functionality available in the Oracle Access Management Console deployed on the AdminServer. The new Policy Manager Console has only the policy administration functionality of the familiar Oracle Access Management Console. It is deployed when using the Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS) or when more capacity is needed to support many delegated administrative users of Access Manager policies. The Policy Manager Console has mobile end points for the Mobile Security Manager (MSM) and Mobile Security Access Server (MSAS) components of the OMSS and can be accessed at:


OAM customers upgrading from R2PS2 who do not plan on using the OMSS can continue to use the Oracle Access Management Console on AdminServer. OAM customers (or ex-Bitzer customers) who plan to use OMSS and are upgrading to 11g Release 2 ( will need to use the Policy Manager Console but will also need to log into the AdminServer console to access the:

  • Identity Directory Store management interface for OMSS, OAM, APS, OIC

  • Certificate Revocation List interface for OAM

  • Authentication Plug-ins interface for OAM


REST endpoints, WLST and the RREG servlet are available only on AdminServer.