10.2 Accessing Oracle Access Management Reports

To access Access Manager Reports, you must start BI Publisher and run them. BI Publisher cannot be accessed through the Access Manager Console. You must open BI publisher explicitly to access Access Manager reports.

Follow this procedure to start BI Publisher.

  1. Navigate to Start, Oracle BI Publisher Desktop, Oracle - BIPHome10134 and click Start BI Publisher.

    The Oracle BI Publisher Home page appears.

  2. Enter the user name and password.

  3. Click Sign In.

Follow this procedure to run a report.

  1. Start Access Manager Reports.

    See "Accessing Oracle Access Management Reports" for more information.

  2. Click the more... link under Shared Folders.
  3. Click Access Manager Reports to access the reports.

    Alternately, click the more... link under Access Manager Reports. The resulting page displays the Access Manager Reports classified according to functional area.

  4. Select the report to view by clicking its name.
  5. Click View.

    The Report Input Parameters page displays the input parameters that must be provided to run a report. The parameters act as filter criteria. In some cases, at least one or more fields are mandatory while some reports do not require any input parameters. If you leave the input parameter field blank and click View, all the information associated with the report is displayed.

  6. Enter the required parameters, if any.
  7. Click View to run the report.

    The report is displayed.