12.1 Introduction to Fusion Middleware Control

Within Fusion Middleware Control, information is updated dynamically during live sessions of Access Manager, Security Token Service, and other products. Fusion Middleware Control organizes a wide variety of performance data and administrative functions into distinct Web-based pages. This helps Administrators easily locate the most important monitoring data and the most commonly used administrative functions from a Web browser.


Enterprise Manager Grid Control is an independently licensed product that provides additional capabilities not found in Fusion Middleware Control (primarily, the ability to collect and maintain data for historical purposes and trending).

Oracle Access Management 11g is deployed as a Java EE application in a WebLogic container. For high availability and failover, Oracle Access Management is typically deployed in a WebLogic cluster environment.

A WebLogic Server domain can have multiple clusters. To provide monitoring and performance statistics for all clustered components requires a composite target. This target provides status and rolled-up load and response performance metrics for member instances. In addition to the metrics exposed for Access Manager and Security Token Service, generic performance metrics are also available for Java EE application and composite Java EE applications.

Fusion Middleware Control must be deployed with Oracle Access Management on the WebLogic Administration Server, as illustrated in Figure 12-1 (and described in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Identity and Access Management).

Figure 12-1 Fusion Middleware Control (AS-Control) Deployment Architecture

Description of Figure 12-1 follows
Description of "Figure 12-1 Fusion Middleware Control (AS-Control) Deployment Architecture "

Using Fusion Middleware Control for targets is supported through the Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Systems instrumentation within Oracle Access Management. This instrumentation is used to provide:

  • Performance overview and drill down

  • Log message searches and dynamic log level changes

  • Routing topology overview

  • Mbean browser

  • Component- and cluster-level metrics for Access Manager with Security Token Service