62.6 Testing the Integration

You can validate the front-end and back-end integrations. using web browser.

Front-End Integration Test Procedure

Follow these steps to test the integration using a Web browser.

  1. Open a protected URL. For example: https://host:port/irj

    Access Manager should prompt for authentication (either form based, or basic authentication over LDAP, or Cert Mode authentication).

  2. Enter the correct user credentials.

    If the credentials are correct, you will be logged into the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal system.

Back-End Integration Test Procedure

To use these steps, download and install a plug-in for your Web browser that displays the HTTP requests and responses that happen when your browser requests a resource. Live HTTP Headers for Firefox, or ieHTTPHeaders for Internet Explorer are two such plug-ins.

  1. Open the plug-in and type a URL in your browser to request a protected resource, for example: https://host:port/irj

    The plug-in window will be populated with the HTTP requests and responses.

  2. Analyze the requests and responses and make sure that each request returns a response without errors.

    Once the user is authenticated you should see some sessions and cookies set in the HTTP Header logs. The cookies that are set include the following:

    • ObSSOCookie


    • OAM_ID

    • OAM_REQ

    When the request reaches the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal, you will receive responses from the Enterprise Portal system in the header logs.