E.10 Authorization Issues

E.10.1 Authorization Condition Error

An error is logged in the oam-server diagnostic log file whenever you create or edit an IPv4 range or temporal condition:

.... refreshPolicy specified but no response collector supplied 


This is a message that is erroneously being logged at the ERROR level.


The correct level of the message is INFO.

E.10.2 LDAP Search Filter Test Results

If too many results are returned, you are informed as follows:


  1. Click OK.

  2. Click Test Filter to initiate a new test.

  3. In the Edit Search Filter dialog, make your changes.

  4. Check the Test Results.

E.10.3 Authorization Header Response Names

Some characters might not be usable within header response names or values, depending on whether the client receiving these responses is a Webgate, and if so which Web server is protected. Certain characters might be subject to automatic conversion to other characters in a server-specific way.

Oracle recommends that you refer to your Web server documentation for more details.