56.1 Introduction to Access Manager and RSA SecurID Authentication

Access Manager 11.1.2 integrates with RSA components to provide SecurID authentication.

RSA SecurID authentication is based on two factors: something the user knows and something the user has:

  • Something the User Knows: This is a secret personal identification number (PIN), similar in concept to a personal bank code PIN. In this case, the PIN may be system generated or personally chosen and registered with the RSA Authentication Manager.

  • Something the User Has: This is the current code generated by a hand held device known as a token. Oracle Access Manager supports all RSA SecurID token form factors, both hardware and software-based.

These tokens algorithmically, based on an internal clock or event, generate tokencodes with unpredictable values. Together, the user's PIN and the SecurID tokencode become the user's Passcode.

Access Manager uses and supports RSA two-factor SecurID authentication security features and enables integration with SecurID authentication by providing:

  • The HTML forms required for SecurID authentication operations

  • The RSA SecurID Plugin you can use with the User Identification Plugin to create and orchestrate authentication