30.4 Configuring Centralized Logout for IAMSuiteAgent

The IAMSuiteAgent is pre-configured with the logout parameters needed to perform central logout against the OAM Server.

While similar to a 10g WebGate, the IAMSuiteAgent does not have a local logout.html page to be configured. Instead, the IAMSuiteAgent is delivered with a pre-deployed application oamsso_logout), that is used by the agent to perform the logout.

The logout functionality for the IAMSuiteAgent requires that the oamsso_logout application is deployed in the Server where the IAMSuiteAgent is used. The initial installation adds this application to AdminServer and to OAM Servers. However, you must update this application's Target servers to include all those that are using the IAMSuiteAgent.

To configure logout for the IAMSuiteAgent:

  1. Log in to the WebLogic Server Administration Console.
  2. Navigate to Domain, Deployments, oamsso_logout, Targets.
  3. Select all the Servers where the IAMSuiteAgent is enabled and where logout is performed.

    For example, oim_server, oaam_admin, oaam_server, and so on.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Proceed to: