13.4 Managing SSO Tokens and IP Validation

Use Oracle Access Management Console for modifying Access Manager SSO settings, IP Validation and SSO token version.

This section provides the following topics:

13.4.1 Access Manager SSO Tokens and IP Validation Settings

The Access Manager Settings page include information such as IP Validation and SSO token version.

Figure 13-3 shows the SSO portion of the Access Manager Settings page. Table 13-5 describes each element and how it is used.

Figure 13-3 Access Manager Settings: SSO

Description of Figure 13-3 follows
Description of "Figure 13-3 Access Manager Settings: SSO"

Table 13-5 Access Manager Settings: SSO

Element Description

IP Validation

Specific to WebGates and is used to determine whether a client's IP address is the same as the IP address stored in the ObSSOCookie generated for single sign-on.

Check the box to enable IP Validation.

Clear the box to disable IP Validation if and only if IP Validation is disabled on all the configured WebGates. See IP Address Validation for WebGates.

SSO Token Version

Select your SSO token version from the list.

13.4.2 Viewing or Editing SSO Tokens and IP Validation

Users with valid Administrator credentials can view or edit Access Manager SSO settings using the Oracle Access Management Console.

To view or edit:

  1. In the Oracle Access Management Console, click Configuration at the top of the window.
  2. In the Configuration console, select Access Manager from the View menu in the Settings section.
  3. Expand the SSO section:
    • View Only: Close the page when you finish.

    • Modify: Perform remaining steps to edit the configuration.

  4. Edit settings as needed for your deployment, based on details in Table 13-5.
  5. Click Apply to submit the changes (or close the page without applying changes).
  6. Dismiss the Confirmation window.
  7. Proceed to "Managing the Access Protocol for OAM Proxy Simple and Cert Mode Security".