E.6 AdminServer Won't Start if the Wrong Java Path Given with WebLogic Server Installation

WebLogic Server (wls1035_generic) installation is successful on Windows 64-bit with 32-bit Java (jdk1.6.0_24). When setup.exe is executed you must provide the path of the 64-bit java (jdk1.6.0_23) to successfully launch the install shield.

If you provide the 32-bit Java (jdk1.6.0_24) path, the install shield is not launched. However, if you execute config.cmd from \Middleware\Oracle_IDM1\common\bin, by default 32-bit Java (jdk1.6.0_24) path is used, but after successful installation Access Manager installation, you cannot start AdminServer.

On Windows host, the path to 32-bit JAVA_HOME (c:\Program files (x86)\java\jdkxxx) is not correctly handled by the startWeblogic.cmd. Replacing SUN_JAVA_HOME to use the path with the shorter name (c:\progra~2\java\jdkxxxx) works fine.

On Windows, the shorter names can be seen by executing "dir /X".

Alternatively, you can set windows cmd shell variable JAVA_HOME to path with shorter name and execute startWeblogic.cmd within that. For example:

>set JAVA_HOME=c:\progra~2\java\jdkXXX