15.9 Remote Agent Update Modes and Templates

Administrators quickly update, validate, or delete an existing agent registration using remote management modes.

This section provides the following topics:

15.9.1 Remote Agent Update Modes

To manage an existing agent registration, remote agent management modes can be used.

Table 15-13 presents remote agent management modes. Command parameters include the mode, input *Request.xml file (a relative path with respect to $OAM_REG_HOME, the preferred location for the input *Request.xml files):

./oamreg.sh <mode> <input_file> [prompt_flag] [component.oam.config_file] <mode> value

Table 15-13 Remote Agent Update Modes and Input Files

Mode and Input Files Description and Syntax

agentUpdate mode



Allows Administrators to update existing agent attributes, regardless of agent type:

./bin/oamreg.sh agentUpdate input/*UpdateAgentRequest.xml

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agentValidate mode

No input file needed.

Validates whether the agent is already provisioned in Oracle Access Manager:

./bin/oamreg.sh agentValidate agentname

agentDelete mode

No input file needed.

Allows Administrators to delete the agent registration:

./bin/oamreg.sh agentDelete agentname

15.9.2 Remote 11g OAM Agent Updates Template

You use OAM11GUpdateAgentRequest.xml to pass specific Agent-update values to the remote registration tool, oamreg.

The primary differences between the update request and the original registration request is that the update request.

Table 15-14 Delta: OAM Agent Update versus Registration Request

Delta Element












<authCreatePolicy> and application domain-related elements





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