E.31 Session Issues

E.31.1 Session Impersonation Not Enabled by Default

Session impersonation is not enabled by default. You can update the value in oam-config.xml, then update the version of oam-config.xml to automatically propagate the ImpersonationConfig status to all managed servers without a restart.

To enable Session Impersonation

  1. Back up DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/oam-config.xml.

  2. Set ImpersonationConfig to true:

    <Setting Name="ImpersonationConfig" Type="htf:map">
         <Setting Name="EnableImpersonation" Type="xsd:boolean">false</Setting> 
  3. Configuration Version: Increment the Version xsd:integer as shown in the next to last line of this example (existing value (25, here) + 1):


    <Setting Name="Version" Type="xsd:integer">
      <Setting xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"
        Name="NGAMConfiguration" Type="htf:map:> 
      <Setting Name="ProductRelease" Type="xsd:string"></Setting>
        <Setting Name="Version" Type="xsd:integer">25</Setting>
  4. Save oam-config.xml.

E.31.2 Sessions with Oracle Access Manager 11.1.1 Integrated with Oracle Identity Federation 11.1.1

Expected Behavior: Oracle Identity Federation 11.1.1 session is not cleared

When Oracle Access Manager 11.1.1 is integrated with Oracle Identity Federation 11.1.1, and you clear the session using the console, only the Oracle Access Manager session is cleared. The Oracle Identity Federation session is not cleared.