The updateWebgateTemplateParams command enables you to update an existing WebGate template with the common parameters and values specified within the command.


The updateWebgateTemplateParams command updates the WebGate template with the specified parameters and values that are common across the WebGates of the specified template type. You can use this command to update the WebGate template with additional parameters. This command does not remove the existing parameters. You must use the removeWebgateTemplateParams command to remove the parameters from the template.


updateWebgateTemplateParams (webgateTemplateName="<NameOfTemplate>", webgateParamsList="<webgateParamsList>", webgateValuesList="<webgateValuesList>", [batchSize="<batchSize>"])
Argument Definition


[Mandatory] Specifies the name of the WebGate template that needs to be updated. If the template does not exist, a new WebGate template is created with the specified name.


List of WebGate parameters associated with the WebGate template. Specify the parameters in the format: webgateParamsList="Parameter1, Parameter2, ...".

Specify the user defined parameters in the format:userdefinedparameters/[parameters].


Specifies the values corresponding to the parameters in the webgateValuesList. Specify the values for the parameters in the format: webgateValuesList="ParameterValue1, ParamaterValue2, ..."

Specify the IP for IPValidationExceptions in the following format, for example: Use a colon (:) to separate the IP values.


[Optional] Specifies the number of WebGate instances to be processed per thread of the ThreadPool. Default value is 10. Specify the size in the following format, for example batchSize="20"


This example illustrates the use of updateWebgateTemplateParams command.

updateWebgateTemplateParams(webgateTemplateName="TemplateA", webgateParamsList="idleSessionTimeout", webgateValuesList="3650", batchSize="20")