15.4.1 Updating Multiple WebGate Profiles

Use WebGate template to group WebGates sharing common parameters and values. You can update the WebGate template using WLST commands. The command updates the parameters across all WebGates associated with the specified WebGate template.

To update multiple WebGates at the same time:
  1. Create a WebGate template and map all WebGates with common parameters to that template. See Creating a WebGate Template and Mapping WebGates to that Template for more information.
  2. Run the updateWebgateTemplateParams command with the required parameters. For example, to update ipValidation exceptions across multiple WebGates, specify the parameter and its corresponding values in the command:
    updateWebgateTemplateParams(webgateTemplateName="TemplateA", webgateParamsList="ipValidation,ipValidation exceptions", webgateValuesList="1,", batchSize="20")

    This command updates the ipvalidation exception parameter with the IP addresses provided in the command across all WebGates that are associated with TemplateA .

    The updateWebgateTemplateParams command does not remove existing parameters and values. To remove any of the parameters, use the removeWebgateTemplateParams command.