61.2 Introduction to Integration with TMG Server 2010

This section provides an overview of the tasks that, once performed, enable this integration. Topics included are:

61.2.1 About This Integration

Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 is the next generation of the Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006.

This chapter provides steps to configure an open (non-secured) connection between the Forefront TMG Web server and Access Manager. This communication is based on using a 10g Webgate for ISAPI. For details about using a secured connection, see your Forefront TMG Server documentation.

You can have IIS Web server and Forefront TMG installed on same or on different computer. In examples in ths chapter, both reside on same host.

The following overview outlines the tasks that you must perform and the topics where you will find the steps to set up the ISAPI Webgate with the TMG Server within this chapter.

Task overview: Installing and configuring the ISAPI Webgate on TMG Server

  1. Getting the latest certification matrix as described in "About Confirming Certification Requirements".

  2. "Creating a Forefront TMG Policy and Rules"

  3. "Installing and Configuring 10g Webgate for Forefront TMG Server"

  4. "Configuring the TMG 2010 Server for the ISAPI 10g Webgate"

61.2.2 About Confirming Certification Requirements

Any references to specific versions and platforms in this chapter are for demonstration purposes. For the latest certification information, see Oracle Technology Network at: