51.5 Configuring Social Identity After Running Test-to-Production Scripts

When you move Social Identity from a test environment to a production environment, you need to configure Social Identity on each production machine after you run the Test-to-Production scripts.

To configure Social Identity after running Test-to-Production scripts:

  1. In the Oracle Access Management Console, click Application Security.

  2. Click Authentication Schemes in the Access Manager section.

  3. Find the OICScheme scheme and open it for editing.

  4. Update the Challenge Redirect URL value to point to the production machine (not the test machine) and click Apply.

    For example: https://production_machine:port/oic_rp/login.jsp

  5. Run the following WLST command to update the Social Identity credential store framework (CSF) entry to point from the test machine to the production machine.

    createCred(map="OIC_MAP", key=" https://<production machine host>:<production machine port>/oam/server/dap/cred_submit ", user="="<description>", password=" DCC5332B4069BAB4E016C390432627ED", desc="<description>");

    For password, use the value from the RPPartner entry, TapCipherKey attribute in oam-config.xml, located in the domain home/config/fmwconfig directory on the production machine.

  6. In the Oracle Access Management Console:

    1. Click Mobile Security at the top of the window.

    2. Click Mobile and Social Services.

    3. In the Application Profiles section, select OAMApplicaton and click Edit. (If using an application profile name other than OAMApplication, edit that instead.)

    4. Update the Registration URL field host name and port to point to the production machine.

    5. Click Apply.