50.6 Integrating Social Identity With Mobile Applications

You can configure Mobile and Social Services to allow applications on mobile devices to authenticate using Social Identity.

Any application that needs to use Social Identity must have a corresponding Application Profile in Social Identity. If you want a mobile application to use Social Identity, the application needs to have a profile under Social Identity and under Mobile and Social Services.

  1. Under Social Identity, open the Create Application Profile wizard.
  2. Populate the Application Profile attributes with values applicable to the mobile application being protected and click Next.

    See Creating an Application Profile for attribute definitions.

  3. Select the Service Provider Interface and click Next.
  4. Select the Social Identity Provider and click Next.
  5. View the Application Profile summary and click Finish to create the Application Profile.
  6. Under Mobile and Social Services, open the Create Service Domain wizard.

    If modifying an existing Service Domain, open it for editing. See Defining Service Profiles for information.

  7. Complete the form as follows.
    • For Type, select Mobile Application.

    • For Authentication Scheme, select Social Identity Authentication.

    See Defining Service Domains for information.

  8. In the Application Profile Selection section, add the Mobile and Social Services Application Profile that represents the mobile application being protected and choose if it will participate in mobile SSO as an agent, a client or not at all.

    Select the appropriate Application Profile by browsing existing Profiles or entering a name. The Application Profile must already be created. (To create Mobile and Social Services Application Profiles, see Defining Application Profiles; for Social Identity Application Profiles, see Defining Application Profiles.)

  9. Click Next to select (or create) a Service Profile.
  10. Click Next to select the Service Protection.

    For example, use InternetIdentityAuthentication as the authentication service to protect the User Profile Services.

  11. Click Next to view the Create Service Domain summary.
  12. Click Finish to create the Service Domain.