63.8 Using Telnet to Create a Reference Between agentapp and Library AmSAPAgent2.2

You can use Telnet to create a reference between agentapp and library AmSAPAgent2.2.

  1. Telnet to the SAP host (for example, saphost.example.com 50008) and log on as an administrator.

  2. Issue the following commands:

    1. $ jump 0

      The system returns a message similar to the following:

      You jumped on node 4503950.

    2. $ add deploy

    3. $ CHANGE_REF -m sap.com/agentapp library:AmSAPAgent2.2

      The system returns the following message:

      The reference between application sap.com/agentapp and library:AmSAPAgent2.2 was made!

  3. Stop and Start the SAP Enterprise Portal instance.


    You can also use the SAP Visual Administrator tool (/usr/sap/SID/InstanceName/j2ee/admin/go.sh) to verify that the references were made properly. Choose Server Instance > Services > ClassLoader Viewer.