57.3 Confirming Access Manager Operations

You need a fully-functioning Access Manager deployment.

The tasks in this section are required regardless of the approach you choose. In this procedure you will install and register a WebGate, which configures an Application Domain to protect resources. Then you verify that the environment is working with an authentication scheme other than Kerberos.

See Also:

High Availability Guide for details about high availability environments with two or more Managed Servers configured to operate as a cluster

  1. Log in to the Oracle Access Management Console using Administrator credentials.
  2. Verify the Default Identity Store connection.
  3. Register and install WebGate as an OAM Agent and accept automatic policy generation.
  4. Add resources to the Application Domain and customize the authentication policy protecting resources to use any Authentication Scheme other than Kerberos.
  5. Test the configuration to ensure that resource protection and access are working as expected.
  6. Proceed to Enabling the Browser to Return Kerberos Tokens