47.2 Endpoint Issues

Problem: Endpoint not found

When accessing an Security Token Service endpoint that has been added via the Oracle Access Management Console, the server returns an error indicating that the page does not exist when retrieving the WSDL policy or that the endpoint does not exist.

Error Message

The following are possible error messages:

  • When retrieving the WSDL policy, a 404 HTTP error code is returned.

  • When sending a WS-Trust request, an error is reported:

    <Error> <oracle.webservices.service> <OWS-04115> <An error occurred for port: PortableProvider: oracle.j2ee.ws.server.EndpointNotFoundException: /PATH.>


Security Token Service is deployed but not enabled. To enable Security Token Service, perform the following operations:

  1. In the Oracle Access Management Console, click Configuration at the top of the window.

  2. In the Configuration console, click Available Services.

  3. Enable the Security Token Service.

Security Token Service detects the change and publishes the endpoints. No restart is required.