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Compartmented Mode Workstation Labeling: Encodings Format

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Updated: October 2017
Chapter 6

Accreditation Range and Name Information Label Encodings

The ACCREDITATION RANGE: section specifies the system and user accreditation ranges as well as a number of system constants related to the system accreditation range. The system accreditation range is the set of sensitivity labels that the system as a whole can process. It is specified by a minimum sensitivity label and a maximum sensitivity label. The minimum sensitivity label is directly specified in the ACCREDITATION RANGE: section, whereas the maximum sensitivity label is deduced from the classifications and word specifications in the encodings file. The user accreditation range is a subset of the system accreditation range, and contains those sensitivity labels that normal (non-authorized) users of the system can set (i.e., those sensitivity labels at which users can create subjects or objects, or to which users can change existing sensitivity labels).

The ACCREDITATION RANGE: section consists of one or more user accreditation range specifications, followed by the specification of various system accreditation range-related constants, the minimum clearance, the minimum sensitivity label, and the minimum protect as classification.

This section explains the concept of a user accreditation range in terms of examples, then explains how to specify the user accreditation range and system accreditation range-related constants.