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Introduction to Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: October 2017



branded zoneindex iconAbout the Branded Zones Framework
running processesindex iconProcesses Running in a Branded Zone
index iconOracle Solaris Kernel Zones
index iconNative Oracle Solaris Zones
BrandZindex iconAbout the Branded Zones Framework


global zoneindex iconHow Zones Work


Immutable Zones
read-only zoneindex iconImmutable Zones
ipkg zones
convertingindex iconAbout Converting ipkg Zones to solaris Zones
ipkg zone
map to solarisindex iconAbout Oracle Solaris Zones in This Release


Live Zone Reconfigurationindex iconLive Zone Reconfiguration


native zonesindex iconNative Oracle Solaris Zones
zoneindex iconAbout the Branded Zones Framework
non-global zoneindex iconHow Zones Work
non-global zone administratorindex iconHow Zones Work


Oracle Solaris Cluster
zone clustersindex iconOracle Solaris Cluster Zone Clusters
Oracle Solaris Kernel Zonesindex iconOracle Solaris Kernel Zones
Oracle Solaris Zonesindex iconNative Oracle Solaris Zones


SMF services
global zoneindex iconZones-Related SMF Services
non-global zoneindex iconZones-Related SMF Services
solarisindex iconNative Oracle Solaris Zones
solaris non-global zone
Oracle Solarisindex iconAbout Oracle Solaris Zones in This Release


brandedindex iconAbout the Branded Zones Framework
characteristics by typeindex iconComparison of Global and Non-Global Zones
creatingindex iconHow Non-Global Zones Are Created
definitionindex iconZones Concepts Overview
featuresindex iconCapabilities Provided by Non-Global Zones
Live Reconfigurationindex iconLive Zone Reconfiguration
monitoringindex iconMonitoring Non-Global Zones
non-defaultindex iconAbout the Branded Zones Framework
Oracle Solaris limitations and featuresindex iconAbout Oracle Solaris Zones in This Release
state modelindex iconNon-Global Zone State Model
statesindex iconNon-Global Zone State Model
zone administratorindex iconHow Non-Global Zones Are Administered
zone IDindex iconHow Zones Work
zone nameindex iconHow Zones Work
cold migrationindex iconAbout Cold Migration
kernel zone live migrationindex iconsolaris-kz Only: About Live Migration
migrationindex iconAbout Zone Migration
warm migrationindex iconsolaris-kz Only: About Warm Migration