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Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Release Notes

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Updated: March 2018

x86: Automated Installer Fails to Identify Boot Disk in UEFI Mode If Disks Are Blank (17478402)

On x86 systems that boot in the UEFI mode, AI manifest with the boot_disk keyword will fail to find the boot disk if the system's disks have not been installed before. The following error message is displayed when the installation fails:

17:22:09 Failed Checkpoints:
17:22:09 target-selection
17:22:09 Checkpoint execution error:
17:22:09 Unable to locate the disk '[boot_disk]' on the system.
On UEFI firmware, the boot device cannot be determined if no boot entries exist,
 which can occur if the disks have never been installed upon.
Use an alternate disk selection mechanism in the manifest in this scenario.
17:22:09 Automated Installation Failed. See install log at
Automated Installation failed
Please refer to the /system/volatile/install_log file for details.

Workaround: You must use an alternate target disk selection mechanism in the AI manifest.