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Working With DHCP in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: October 2017


An implementation of the ISC DHCP server is included in Oracle Solaris. is software is not automatically installed. You can add the DHCP server to your system by typing the following command:

# pkg install pkg:/service/network/dhcp/isc-dhcp

    Some of the important additions for ISC DHCP in the Oracle Solaris release are:

  • Several services to support ISC DHCP and the legacy Sun DHCP service. See SMF Services Used by the DHCP Service for a list of all of the services used by DHCP.

  • Three commands: dhcpd, dhcprelay, and omshell. See Files Used by the DHCP Service for a list of all of the commands that are associated with DHCP.

  • The DHCP server configuration files are /etc/inet/dhcpd4.conf for DHCPv4 and /etc/inet/dhcpd6.conf for DHCPv6.

  • A user called dhcpserv for the ISC DHCP service.

  • A user login or role can use the solaris.smf.manage.dhcp and solaris.smf.value.dhcp authorizations to provide access to the DHCP commands.

In addition, the ISC DHCP server supports DHCP over IPoIB (IP over Infiniband). DHCP over IPoIB, as defined by RFC 4390, improves interoperability.

For more information about ISC DHCP, see the ISC Repositories web page.