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Using Puppet to Perform Configuration Management in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: September 2018

Using Puppet to Configure Naming Services

The following example shows how you might manage naming services configuration with Puppet by declaring the service resource type in a Puppet manifest.

Example 7  Configuring Naming Services With Puppet

In the following example, the DNS service is enabled and a DNS server is configured. Then, the domainname property is set. Finally, the name service switch values are specified.

service { "dns/client":
ensure => running,

svccfg { "domainname":
  ensure => present
  fmri => "svc:/network/nis/domain",
  property => "config/domainname",
  type => "hostname",
  value => "company.com",
  notify => Service[‘dns/client'],

svccfg { "nameserver":
  ensure => present,
  fmri: => "svc:/network/dns/client",
  property => "config/nameserver",
  type => "net_address",
  value => ""
  notify => Service[‘dns/client'],

# nameservice switch
nsswitch { "dns + ldap":
default => "files",
host => "files dns",
password => "files ldap",
group => "files ldap",
automount => "files ldap",
netgroup => "ldap",