Stage Reservation Summary Log

The Data Mart Staged Records functionality allows you to view records that were rejected, and therefore staged, by the system during data upload and conversion from PMS to OXI to ORS/OCIS data marts. These rejected records were staged because they were incomplete or inaccurate. By using the ORS>Data Mart screens you can view these records and their errors, make corrections, and then process them to be uploaded to the appropriate data mart.

Access the Reservation Summary Staged Records screen by selecting ORS>Data Mart>Stage Reservation Summary Log. This screen displays the property, the reservation ( R ) or Block ( B ) ID, and relevant dates of the staged record. For specific results, select the Property from the Property LOV and/or the Import Date and select Search.



You have several options for working with staged records from the Reservation Summary Staged Records screen.

Reservation Summary Error Summary

This screen is accessed from the Reservation Summary Staged Records screen, when Summary is selected. The Error Summary screen lists a description of all the errors that occurred while processing the reservations.


Reservation Summary Suspended Record

This screen is accessed from Reservation Summary Staged Records>Edit or from the Error Summary screen when you double-click on an error. Here you can change the field highlighted in red, explained in the bottom Error Grid.


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