Welcome to OPERA Reservation System/Information System (ORS/OCIS)

Introducing OPERA RESERVATION SYSTEM (ORS), the next generation in Central Reservation Systems. The OPERA Reservation System, is part of the industry’s first truly integrated, enterprise inventory system. Unified with the OPERA Property Management System and OPERA Sales and Catering System, ORS offers the much desired single image inventory system to your enterprise. By combining the power of integration with an innovative array of functionality, ORS provides your central reservations agents or global sales staff with the tools to maximize bookings and increase revenues better than ever before.

The OPERA Customer Information System (OCIS) is typically integrated with the OPERA Reservation System (ORS). Therefore, online help for OCIS and ORS are combined into this single help system. This help system is divided into two main components: Configuration and Operations - features and functionality are described according to the module as listed below.

ORS/OCIS Configuration

ORS/OCIS Operations