About Commissions Setup

The Commission Handling program is an OPERA PMS add-on module and is available when the OPP COM Commission Handling add-on license is active. Commission Handling is a flexible and easy-to-use system for calculating, processing and paying travel agent and source commissions. The System Configuration>Commissions setup menu is where most of the system configuration data is entered or changed. Each item on the Setup menu will be discussed in detail in the following sections:

Commission Codes - Define commission codes. Commission is calculated using commission codes which allow the hotel to:

The commission is calculated based upon the following hierarchy:

Some topics related to commissions setup include:

Bank Accounts - Properties can define single or multiple bank accounts for the payment of travel agent commission checks or for managing EFT files.

EFT File Data - If a bank account uses EFT for commission payment, here is where you enter property-specific information that is relevant for the creation of the EFT export files.

Hold Reasons - In this option you define hold reasons. When you put a commission on hold,  OPERA will display a list of values with all configured hold reasons.

Once commissions setup is complete, the Payment Processing option is used to prepare commission payments; commission Payment Activity allows you to monitor commission payments and reprint payment checks, if necessary. Commission Research can be used to investigate commissions records, stay histories and reservations, and folio details.