Welcome to OPERA Customer Information System (OCIS)

The OPERA CUSTOMER INFORMATION SYSTEM (OCIS) allows you to collect and manage individual guest, travel agent, group, company, and wholesaler profile information in a centralized database. OCIS automatically transfers information between properties and a central operations location to enable profile sharing between these two environments. The main purpose of OCIS is to gather profiles from properties within one or more chains, store them together into one centralized database, and decide whether or not profiles should be merged. By doing this, OCIS ensures the availability of accurate and timely data for improving customer service, enhancing hotel revenue, and implementing effective marketing strategies. The main modules for OCIS are:

OCIS utilizes OPERA Exchange (OXI) - OPERA’s enhanced two-way interface, which allows information to be transferred between the ORS/OCIS central database and each individual Property Management System.

OCIS is typically integrated with the OPERA Reservation System (ORS) but can also be installed and used as a stand-alone product. Since ORS and OCIS are usually integrated, the online help for OCIS and ORS are combined into this single help system. This help system is divided into two main components: Configuration and Operations - features and functionality are described according to the module as listed below.

ORS/OCIS Configuration

ORS/OCIS Operations