About Property Configuration

With the Configuration>Property module, properties can be designated as a chain, a chain and brand member, or an independent hotel. Configure and customize all fixed data for the property's operation which do not change on a regular basis. Property configurable options include:

Property Types - Categorize your properties (bed and breakfast, corporate, express, four star, four diamond) and create categories of properties rankings. Property types are then attached to a property on the Property Detail screen.

Marketing Cities - Define where nearby marketing cities are located in relation to a property. The Marketing Cities information displays in the Property Information area in the Cross Selling (F7) screen.

Multi-Property and CRO Setup - This is available within PMS when the OPP_MHOT OPERA Property Management Multi-Property Base license code in PMS is active and within ORS when the OPR <version number> ORS license code is active. Define and manage multiple central reservation office locations. Each CRO location may have multiple chains, which have multiple properties attached. Multiple chains can be configured. A chain can belong to multiple CRO location, and a property location can have multiple chains.

Property Details - Enter specific details about the property. This information includes the property's name and address as it will appear on all printed reports and menu displays, and within fiscal information such as City Ledger posting method. Most of this information is available for the reservation agent when viewing property information during the cross property reservation process.

Property UDF - Display the Property UDF Maintenance Configuration screen. User Defined Information provides a tool that lets you store information about a property that OPERA does not already provide a field for. UDF information can be displayed on the UDF button within Property Display.

Attractions - Create the most general attraction types such as amusement parks, theme parks, historic sites, zoos, or museums for one, several or all properties. Create the specific attractions that you want displayed when you select your properties in the Cross Selling (F7) screen. This menu option will be visible for those properties that have activated the OPP MHT2 Multi-Property Cross Reservations add on license code.

Airports - Identify local and regional airports used by guests to be displayed within the Cross Selling (F7) screen. Agents can use this information to better assist clients in making reservations. The System Configuration>Property>Airports menu option is displayed when the OPP_MHOT Multi-Property Base license code is activated.

Transportation - Set up information for the transportation services available to and from the property to be displayed within the Cross Selling (F7) screen and as a list of values associated with the Transport Type field on the Reservation screen More Fields tab.

Communication Methods - Set up the methods for transferring information from your computer to a device (usually a printer or modem) which are available for your installation.

Website Configuration - Define the web site name and web site address for locations that allows you to link to a specific web mapping service and will be accessed by the Map function on the General Tab of the Property Detail screen. The weather link can also be configured here. When the property’s city is selected within the Cross- Selling Reservation screen, the user is taken to a four day weather forecast or that city to the web site as defined here. This menu option is visible only when the OPP MHT2 OPERA Property Management Multi-Property (Cross Reservations) or the OPR <version number> OPERA Reservation System license codes are active.